Investment Banking Deadlines & Dates

The investment banking recruiting cycle differs by bank but is generally the same time every year.

First, let’s understand when everyone comes on-board.  Full-time analysts start their career in the months of June and July and go through a two month training program learning the basics of financial modeling, financial statements, PowerPoint and Excel features.

Interns will come on-board during June for a 10-12 week program.  Internship training programs will generally last 1 week prior to start.  During the last week of the summer internship program the banks will hand out offers to candidates they feel will make a good contribution to the team.  Generally this is a majority of the interns (80-90%), there are some that will not make the cut.

Full-Time Interviews: Generally Aug-Sept kicks off Full-time interviews for both undergraduates and graduate students.   Full time interviewing differs by school, figure out if you’re a “Core” or “Non-Core” candidate will be beneficial here.

Internships Interviews: Generally Jan-Feb kicks off summer internship interviews for undergraduates and graduate students.

Off-Cycle Recruiting:

The smaller boutiques and middle market investment banks usually have a less structured interview process in terms of guidelines and dates.  Boutiques in particular will usually hire on a need basis, so interviewing at these firms can happen all year around.  If you find yourself behind the curve I suggest targeting the boutique and middle market investment banks.

Exhibit taken from the Investment Banking Interview Guide:

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