Investment Banking Interview Prep

Looking for investment banking interview prep material?  Investment banking interviews are well known to be the hardest and most technical interviews in finance.  Without being properly prepared beforehand, it is surely impossible to land a job.

There are two routes you can take, and I’ve done both.  First off, there are companies that do live, two-day boot-camps in NYC.  They are often +$500 just for the class, not including airfare and hotel.  While the classes are expensive, they are beneficial.

Your second choice is to purchase an Investment Banking Interview Guide that has been personally written by our team after dozens of real investment banking interviews.  We have laid out everything you need to know to break into investment banking from start to finish.  I was a part of the recruitment team at my bank and have reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates – I know what it takes to get you a job.  I developed this packet after seeing a large need for top-of-the-line interview prep material. We are confident this is the best interview packet on the market.

Whichever you choose you need to make sure you are on top of your game.  Blindly walking into an interview without taking weeks to prepare is a sure way to strike out.  Rule of thumb for investment banking interviews is that you cannot miss one technical interview question or you are toast.  Study up on both your behavioral and technical interview questions and walk through the modeling tutorials if you have time.

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