How Investment Bankers Read your Resume

It is hard to believe how many mediocre resumes there are out there.  Having a good resume is the first hurdle you will have to jump and making sure your have the best resume template possible should be the first thing you do on your career search.

Resumes are submitted through the investment banks career website and filtered down to Human Resources (HR).  Resumes are then bundled together and sent around to investment bankers for review.  Making sure your resume is top-notch is a must.

If you have applied for an internship or analyst level positions investment banking analysts will be in charge of reviewing your resume.  The bundled resumes will be looked at quickly one-by-one and recommendations will be made on who they feel is qualified for interviews.   As for the amount of time, bankers will probably spend seconds looking at your resume.

If you are from a “core school” then the alumni team in charge will review your resume, these are generally analysts or associates.

If you are applying for an associate position then investment banking associates and above will be checking over the resumes.

Most people think they have a good resume, and many do, but investment banking recruiters are looking for a very particular style, and if you want to know what they want to see, check out the Street of Walls Resume Builder. Without the right resume, it doesn’t matter how smart or how hard working you are, you won’t get in the door.

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