The Non-Core Recruiting Series

This is the introduction to the 3 part Non-Core Recruiting Series:

There are around 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States and only a select few of these schools fall into what investment banks call the “Core Recruiting Process”.  These are typically the top Ivy League universities and business schools that are “Target Schools” for the top investment banks.   If you do not fall into this category, do not get discouraged; investment banks have a whole process designed to locate top talent called the ”Non-Core Process”.

Generally this process is more difficult than the core process due to the fact that potential candidates are interviewing for a select few positions against every other non-core university in the country.   Not to mention students who go through Core Recruiting can also partake in the Non-Core Process.

Needless to say this is a very competitive process but with the help of Street of Walls and the their training material you will be prepared and ready to interview against the best of them.

I have personally gone through numerous non-core interviews at leading bulge bracket investment banks and have documented my secrets to success in a 3 step process:

Non-Core Recruiting Process Series:

Non-Core Series #1:  Landing the Interview

Non-Core Series #2:  First Round Phone Interview

Non-Core Series #3Superday Interview