iBanking Core Recruitment Process

Do you go to a top 10 school? If so, you’re in the right place.  This is all about “Core” recruitment, if you want to learn about the other side visit the Non-Core Interview Process series.

Core recruitment refers to the colleges that investment banks formally recruit from.

Step 1: Submitting Resume

First step is applying online via the career center and bank websites.  Make sure you are checking the dates/deadlines because the online application process will close weeks before interviews.  The investment banks will then bundle up the resume into book and send around for employees, usually analysts.  I know what analysts are looking for and Street of Walls does offer resume services if interested

Step 2: On-Campus Interview

Second step in core recruitment is on-campus interviews.  The investment banks will work with the school’s career center scheduling a time to interview accepted candidates on-campus.   These are usually 30-45 minute slots where you will meet with 1-2 investment bankers, usually associates and VP’s.  There will be both behavioral and technical questions asked so make sure to study-up on the investment banking questions that can be asked.

Step 3: Superday

Third step in the core recruitment process is Superday.   Superday, which is your final round, usually lasts from 8am to 6pm with 8-12 interviews.  At the bare minimum you will meet with at least one analyst, associate, VP and MD.  Each of these interviews will last for 30-45 minutes.   There are no interview questions set in stone: some candidates will get all behavioral questions and some might get all technical questions, so be prepared. Street of Walls offers comprehensive interview products that can help you ace your investment banking interview.

Step 4: Thank you Notes

I still think it is appropriate to send a “thank you” note to everyone you met with during Superday.  This is not a “make it or break it” because decisions on offers are made very quickly and a thank you note will not have an impact of your job offer.  With that being said, I still think it helps developing that communication.

Step 5: Hearing Back

If you are getting the offer you will hear back immediately, either that day or the next.  If you don’t hear back immediately it doesn’t mean you didn’t get the offer – sometimes it takes a few days. If you haven’t heard back within 4-5 days send the bankers you met a follow-up thank you email expressing your interest in the position.

How to Prepare

This is only a fraction of what you need to know for Investment Banking Interviews, I have been through the process and understand how this works.  Street of Walls has developed comprehensive guides to help with your investment banking interviews.  Of all the Street of Walls Products, the most helpful for IB interview prep are the:  Total Interview Guide, DCF Model, and Resume Builder.

Also hit the SOW News side daily leading up to your interview.  We have a team dedicated to providing real-time M&A news and other Global events important for you interviews.

Good Luck!

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