Goldman Sachs Investment Banker

Goldman Sachs investment banking jobs are arguably the most prestigious job in the industry.  Goldman investment banking is one of the leading M&A advisory firms, often at the top of annual league tables.

Goldman’s investment banking program is unique and different from the traditional bulge bracket analyst programs. Goldman analysts are hired on as “A to A” or analyst to associate promotes.

Traditional investment banking programs are two years with the possibility of a third year analyst role.  From there third year analysts will have a chance to be promoted to associate, which is usually quite rare.  Goldman analysts who are promoted to associates generally handle much more work flow and understand the process much better than newly hired associates.

Goldman will extend offers eight months into the first-year program; candidates will either be bumped to associates after their 2-year program or have to take a third-year analyst role.   The two year “A to A” is quite an expedited process.

Goldman’s investment banking analysts are also on a calendar year bonus schedule, meaning they will receive their bonus at year end vs. mid-summer, which is traditional for bulge bracket banks

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