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Consulting Interview Training Overview

Are you interested in learning more about the Management Consulting industry and how to find and prepare for job opportunities in the field? Perhaps you are preparing for an interview at a Consulting firm and have no idea of what to expect?  Street of Walls has teamed up with industry experts in Management Consulting to bring you an in-depth interview training program.  This guide is your starting point to an overview of the Management Consulting space, including key terms and definitions, how to find interviews and prepare for them, and firms you should be familiar with. We will teach you the skills and techniques you need to know in order to get an interview, excel in the interview, and secure your job offer.

This Management Consulting training program is your starting point for learning about consulting and what it takes to enter the field. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to prepare for such an opportunity.

Why Do I Need to Read This?

I worked for many years across multiple offices of a top tier Management Consulting firm.  I screened thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of candidates during my time at the firm.  My goal in writing this guide is to share with you what I have learned along the way regarding how to maximize the opportunity not only to get an interview, but also to perform well in the interview. These are the two key pieces in successfully navigating the Management Consulting recruiting process.

Even though there is plenty of information pertaining to consulting available online, candidates continually tell us that it is hard to focus and navigate this information in a way that ensures the best preparation.  The information is disparate, and is often misleading. It often fails to provide key pieces of information that you will need to know ahead of time to do well.

Additionally, the field is very competitive—your resume and cover letter will be one of thousands that will land on the desks of Management Consulting recruiters every year. Your job is to present yourself in the best way possible, while knowing the rules of the game and following them.

Although this Street of Walls training guide will not give you all the answers and will not guarantee your success, it is my sincere belief that it will help you focus on the key areas you need to be aware of, and will provide you with the insights and strong foundation to build on and maximize your chances of securing a position at a Management Consulting firm.  Good luck!

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