Investment Banker Bag

First made popular by E.F. Hutton, “banker bags” have been the hottest thing on Wall Street since the first Credit Default Swap.  These duffel bags are the city’s new status symbol.

The bags have become a right of passage for most on Wall Street – a way to wear all the blood and tears spilled over countless pitchbooks.   If these quotes from The New York Sun don’t get you to buy a bag then I don’t know what will:

  • “It’s a junior banker status symbol,” one 26-year-old banker at Lehman Brothers said of the 18-inch long bags
  • “It means he has a good education and a good job,” said Stephanie Sabatino, 30, a teacher hanging out at The Joshua Tree
  • “It’s an introduction, a talking point,” one 24-year-old analyst said, while sipping a Coors Light at Ulysses

For everyone on Wall Street, you know: it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a banker duffel bag even if you work at a bank. So Street of Walls did the next coolest thing and created our own.   Outside of being the coolest bags you’ve ever seen, lot of the Street of Walls guys use their banker bags for the gym and trips.

If interested check out the Street of Walls Banker Bag, available only for a limited time and first come first served.

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