Deutsche Bank Profile

Company Overview:

The German financial services corporation Deutsche Bank is one of the largest foreign exchange dealers worldwide, with $61 billion in revenues and $2.5 trillion in assets.  In the decades following its founding in 1870 as a financial institution specializing in foreign trade, Deutsche Bank was broken up into 10 regional banks, which were later consolidated into Deutsche Bank AG.

Deutsche Bank became a major player in the global investment banking market with the acquisitions of Morgan Grenfell, Bankers Trust, Banca Popolare di Lecco, Rued Blass & Cie, United Financial Group, Scudder Investments, Norisbank, Berliner Bank and Postbank.

Company Information:

Now with offices in 74 countries, to include North America, Middle East, Latin America, Central & Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank employs 101,694 people.  Deutsche Bank now offers financial products and services in investments, asset management, and commercial, retail and private banking.

In recent years, the bank has become a global presence as an investment bank, for which it was recognized as the International Financing Review’s Bank of the Year in 2003, 2005 and 2010.

Company Controversies:

For a 6- year period (2001-2007), Deutsche Bank was found to be spying on its critics.  In a Wall Street Journal report, the Bank was said to be engaging in espionage activities,  including sending employees to be hired as interns at certain banks to report back information.

Notable Personnel:

  • Josef Ackermann: CEO and chairman of the management board
  • Clemens Börsig: Chairman of the supervisory board
  • Hermann Josef Abs — Chairman (1957–67)
  • Sir John Craven: Financier in London
  • Michael Cohrs: Financier
  • Michael Dobson: Head of Schroders
  • Alfred Herrhausen: Chairman (1971–89)
  • Edson Mitchell: Head of Global Markets (1995–2000)
  • Karl Kimmich: Chairman (1942–1945)
  • Hermann Wallich: Co-founder and director (1870–1893)
  • Georg von Siemens: Co-founder and director (1870–1900)
  • Boaz Weinstein: Derivatives trader
  • Anshu Jain: Head of Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Greg Lippmann: Trader
  • Louis Alers: Asst. Vice President
  • Nicole DeBlase: Research
  • Andrew Kreicher: Bond Trader